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Specialisation, innovative techniques and extensive experience. These are the three pillars that make IDIM a team that has sought excellence in dental implant treatment in Valencia for 30 years.

At our clinic we have a group of professionals at the forefront of dental implantology techniques and treatments. Our substantial experience and specialised knowledge in dental implant treatment and regeneration techniques enable us to solve even the most complex cases with severe bone atrophy, previously failed implants, and more.

The successful results obtained in our patients throughout our history, which spans more than 30 years, allows us to state that when we perform a dental implant treatment here at IDIM, we don’t limit ourselves to partial or full replacement of teeth.

When we carry out these types of techniques, we are aware that our work will change much more than simply our patients’ mouths: it will improve their health in addition to their quality of life and self-confidence.

Dental implant placement is carried out following a full study of each patient that enables us to design every prosthesis so it harmonises with all other parts.

We care about more than our patients’ smiles. We change their lives!

To guarantee a high-quality, exclusive, personalised service, we don’t work with private insurers, mutual insurance agencies or insurance companies.

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    Specialised in the most complicated cases.
    Trust in us!

    We are specialists in dental implantology and pioneers in the latest techniques.

    Implant-supported prostheses are integrated into the patient’s smile like natural teeth and they healthily coexist with all other mouth elements thanks to their manufacturing materials.

    As such, at IDIM we perform personalised treatments that allow us achieve optimal results for our patients and remove the traumatic feeling of treatment, replacing it with a healthy, radiant smile that enables them to lead the life they desire.


    Patient testimonial

    Amparo Soler tells us about her experience after undergoing dental implant treatment at our dental clinic in Valencia more than 10 years ago.

    “I was able to chew a lot from day one. It’s been great, no problems, periodic check-ups, and fortunately everything has been very good.”

    We make difficult tasks easy. We are specialists in even the most complex cases.

    At our dental clinic in Plaza América, we have excellent dental implantology professionals whose goal is to put a fabulous smile on your face once again. We love seeing our patients smile again! We are specialists and pioneers in state-of-the-art dental implantology techniques. We have been performing dental implant treatments in Valencia for more than 30 years.

    How do dental implants work?

    The first step in this treatment involves inserting the implant, in the form of a screw made from pure titanium (a biocompatible material with minimal chances of rejection), which remains under the gum. This step guarantees that the artificial root is osseointegrated and a reasonable amount of time is required for it to be consolidated following insertion, for which reason a provisional prosthesis is inserted in order to offer the patient an aesthetic smile in the meantime.

    The transepithelial pillar is inserted. This is the anchoring portion that emerges from the mouth so the crown or prosthesis may be installed. This last piece is made to measure and is similar to the patient’s other teeth. It will cover the pillar such that it appears natural and in harmony with the patient’s smile.

    This process is performed via a simple surgical procedure that will not cause the patient any great trauma or pain, given that an anaesthetic is applied beforehand.

    At our dental clinic in Valencia we have specialists who have dedicated their entire careers to dental implantology. We are pioneers in surgical techniques and we offer our patients the chance to be treated by top professionals in dental implant treatment in Valencia.

    Why choose implantology treatment?

    A dental implant should be chosen when one or more teeth have been lost and the patient wishes to replace them using implants with a similar appearance and stability to his or her remaining teeth, without having to undermine adjacent teeth to sustain them.

    A dental implant allows a patient’s smile to be functionally restored with precise, quality, durable results.

    Thanks to dental implants in Valencia, the patient can also achieve the stability necessary in a removable dental prosthesis, offering him or her security and comfort as though it were a fixed prosthesis.

    Where other professionals see problems, we offer solutions.

    Benefits of visiting our specialised dental implant clinic in Valencia:

    • Insertion of a dental implant when a tooth is lost will also allow for an orthodontic or orthopaedic treatment, given that the necessary anchor points may be used without the risk of losing the prosthesis.
    • It may be considered when immediate results are sought for existing gaps in the teeth as a consequence of a tooth fracture or extraction. Side effects are limited to inflammation, which will last a few days at most.
    • Are you considering a dental implant treatment in Valencia? We have a team of specialists who have dedicated their entire careers to dental implantology.


    icono protesis dentalPterygoid implants

    Used when patients present an absence of bone on which the implant can be placed in the upper posterior maxilla.

    icono protesis dentalMaxillary sinus lift

    A surgical bone grafting technique that allows for treatment with dental implants when the upper maxilla bone is not high enough to permit placement of the dental implant.

    icono protesis dental Teeth in one day (immediate loading)

    Immediate procedure that allows missing teeth and lost gum tissue to be permanently replaced.

    icono protesis dentalTilted implants

    When the height of the bone is insufficient to vertically insert an implant it is tilted and inserted in the remaining bone area.

    icono protesis dentalZygomatic implants

    These implants are used in edentulous patients who fully lack bone mass.

    icono protesis dentalBone grafting or regeneration techniques

    These techniques favour bone formation in areas where bone volume must be increased in order to insert implants.

    icono protesis dentalPost-extraction immediate implants

    Allows for a new tooth to be inserted at the same time as extraction, without the need for new procedures.

    icono protesis dentalFixed implant-based prosthesis

    Prostheses that replace all of the patient’s natural teeth.

    icono protesis dentalRemovable implant-supported prosthesis

    Usually recommended for patients with greater maxilla bone loss.