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Implantology and its advances have become a lifeline for patients who, for one reason or another, have lost a tooth. Via minimally invasive procedures, they have left their mark as the perfect treatment for giving the patient’s smile a second chance and, for this reason, when accompanied by technology applied to this specialist area, fixed prostheses can be inserted in cases that were previously unthinkable.

All-on-4 implants: the alternative solution to rehabilitation of the maxilla or mandible with a bone shortage

This is how All-on-4 implants have hit the market: as an alternative to rehabilitation of the maxilla or mandible with a bone shortage. By taking advantage of the remaining bone volume they overcome anatomical limitations that, prior to this technique being developed, made the insertion of osseointegrated implants impossible.

With this technique, implantology professionals can make full use of the bone available, avoiding superior anatomical structures, like the maxillary sinus or inferior alveolar nerve. Insertion of All-on-4 implants also means extra surgical procedures, including bone grafts and a maxillary sinus lift, can be avoided in certain circumstances. Its most notable advantage is that when choosing All-on-4 implants, more complex and more costly techniques that alter the patient’s quality of life to a greater extent can be ruled out.

implantes dentales inclinados

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    Patient testimonial

    Eduardo tells us his experience after undergoing “All-on-4” implant treatment at our dental clinic in Valencia, where he has been a patient for 30 years.

    “I only wish I’d made the decision sooner. Every aspect has been positive. I feel as comfortable as if they were my own teeth. I can eat fine, I can speak fine, I feel contented. They became a part of me in just a few days”.

    Specific techniques that combine with this type of implant

    In reality, tilted implants bring together various, more specific techniques. For example, zygomatic or pterygoid implants are tilted implants. Tilted implants are also frequently used as part of an All-on-4 treatment or similar, as these techniques allow the entire maxillary or mandibular dental arch to be rehabilitated with just four implants.

    The concept of tilted implants in edentulous arches allows the prosthesis’ support to be improved while the distance between implants can be increased, affording the bone and fixed prosthesis greater stability owing to the use of longer implants positioned at the correct angle.

    As is the case with all dental treatments, in insertion of All-on-4 implants the professional’s skill and experience are essential to guarantee placement of these at the correct angle and in the right direction towards the optimal maxilla bone area, without invading the sensitive anatomical structures that are always close by.

    Implantes inclinados en Valencia

    These dental implants are compatible with All-on-4 implants

    To prepare the prostheses and ensure the teeth adjust suitably, when All-on-4 implants are used special pillars are inserted to help change the implant’s angle. Consequently, the emergency of the tilted implant within the gum is identical to all other implants inserted.

    Although application of this technique has only become widespread in recent years due to its success rates and compatibility with immediate function aesthetic treatments, tilted implants have been in use for more than 15 years. At our IDIM Dental Clinic in Valencia, we have been successfully applying the tilted implant technique to treat patients with bone atrophy since the company began.

    To understand the advisability, or not, of All-on-4 implants, specialised professionals must first assess the patient. A clinical and radiologic study will be able to indicate whether this technique is recommended or not, depending on the anatomical conditions and needs of each patient.

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